September 2017

  • Mind and spirit

    “To release tensions, get away, yoga makes millions of followers in cities as the work of the body has a direct impact on mind and spirit. The experience of Kundalini Yoga is a practice that can transform you. There is no question of acrobatic postures that require years of experience. On the contrary, Kundalini Yoga […]

  • To revitalize and avoid fatigue of body and mind, we must regenerate our cells

    — Alexandra Lohr, Naturopath for Etosoto
  • A vision for an optimistic future

    On each site, the objective is to be as independent as possible in energy by combining several sources: The use of a heat pump on vertical exchangers: this system exploits, by exchange, the underground heat of the subsoil to depths superior to other surface exchangers. The advantage of this technique is that it has only […]

  • Welcome to Etosoto journal

    All the tips for your new slow life…

  • It’s all about food

    Etosoto experiences will propose a “cuisine” offering organic fruits and vegetables, freshly picked and coming from our farms. A bar offering cold-pressed juices with varied flavors. In the “vegan” and “raw food” way, this cuisine will be raw, unrefined, not industrialized and not necessarily 100% organic. Thus, this healthy cuisine will satisfy the traveler in […]

  • Why write a journal ?

    The idea of ​​writing articles around Etosoto, we is a place in order to improve the development of the project. We are convinced that all the initiatives put in place today to consume and to think differently and to defend “virtuous growth”, we can help you to deepen our research and clarify our approach. And […]

  • Music for life

    “The Club Pop experience is an atypical introduction to music, children learn several instruments, guitar, piano, drums, singing, group and having fun. It is a decompléxée and decompléxante way to begin music without the rigor of classical learning. In a few days, the children will play a few notes, a few chords, a few rhythms […]