Music for life

“The Club Pop experience is an atypical introduction to music, children learn several instruments, guitar, piano, drums, singing, group and having fun. It is a decompléxée and decompléxante way to begin music without the rigor of classical learning. In a few days, the children will play a few notes, a few chords, a few rhythms with which they can instantly play a pop song and even compose their own. My method is inspired by Scandinavian education systems. For children, I am more of a mentor than a knowledge distributor…

My experience within Etosoto is directly oriented towards the child. This is obvious and that is what makes their charm, no child is identical, I do not want especially to constrain those I welcome, to learn at the same rate or the same way, on the contrary I like the idea that everyone finds his place within a group, bringing its singular touch. My mission is to help them find this place, to develop it.

I accompany the children in a common project: write and compose their own song. From the basic chords and rhythms they have learned, they will seek a melody and words that they will play and sing together.This motivates them and encourages them to continue learning. I put forward the practice rather than the theory, so when a child misses an agreement, it is not for him a failure or an end, but a point to re-appropriate. I’m a musician and mom of two girls. I studied solfeggio and cello at the Paris Conservatory of Music before escaping to play alone or with friends of the guitar, piano and drums. I wrote and composed an album, made tours … A few years ago I created Club Pop, a music school based in Paris. It is reserved for children from 3 to 10. The children are creative, they learn very quickly. You have to see them perform in groups at the end of the week, it’s amazing !” C. Verluca