A vision for an optimistic future

On each site, the objective is to be as independent as possible in energy by combining several sources:

The use of a heat pump on vertical exchangers: this system exploits, by exchange, the underground heat of the subsoil to depths superior to other surface exchangers. The advantage of this technique is that it has only a very small grip on the ground. Indeed, a probe borehole represents an opening of the basement of less than 20 cm in diameter which can thus be realized wherever a drill can access. The energy recovered will enable the production of hot water, cooling and heating.

Photovoltaic: the objective is to exploit the sunny parts of the land, away from the infrastructure, to install a small photovoltaic farm. The installation may be polycrystalline solar panels or amorphous panels depending on the farm surface and the design note.

Hydraulic energy: in addition, all the water currents available in the field will be equipped with mini hydraulic plants of Vortex type, a technique using the principle of water vortices. This equipment allows an important production of energy which will add to the photovoltaic energy for the production of electricity of the site.

Wood: in addition, the buildings will be equipped with wood stoves to reinforce the heating in winter.

Photo by Heydays