Amazing bottles

Nicolas Moufflet, a 41-year-old engineer based in Saintes (Charente-Maritime department, on the southwestern coast of France), managed to develop a 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable plant plastic.

At the head of Lyspackaging, a company founded in 2015, the entrepreneur has been selling bottles and flasks made without any oil—unlike the vast majority of plastics sold around the world. More than 22,000 tons of plastic issued from the petrochemical industry end up in the oceans every day, but this bright idea could bring an end to that.
The patented and secret process is, at the moment, unique in the world. To achieve his goal, Nicolas Moufflet chose bagasse, the waste from sugar cane, which offers amazing properties. Turned into vegetal plastic, this component can be recycled or composted easily, making it a credible alternative to oil.
In addition to bagasse, the engineer can now add shredded olive stones, reeds or grape seeds, crustacean shells, and grain or vegetable waste. Their quantity varies from 1-20% of the finished prodcut, depending on the result that he wants to obtain.

The idea has been working so brilliantly that the company hopes to reach a production of 700,000 vegetal plastic bottles this year, and should indeed easily product more than two million bottles! The Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art center in Paris, recently ordered 100,000 bottles. Several large groups are also interested, and by the way, Nicolas Moufflet received several awards and is supported by BPI France, the Public Investment Bank.

Nicolas Moufflet is still researching and would like the whole sector to better value green waste. He is willing to create new codes for the consumer.