The mother of all styles of yoga

As a way to escape the stress of our daily lives, yoga has attracted many followers around the world. “Yoga is invigoration in relaxation, freedom in routine, confidence in self-control, energy within and energy without”

Kundālini Yoga has been called the mother of all styles of yoga for centuries. It has a direct and powerful impact on the mind and body, and often appears as a revelation.

The literal meaning of Kundalini (in Sanskrit) can be translated as a “coiled, corporeal energy” or an “unconscious, instinctive, libidinal (Shakti) force” that lies (curled up) at the base of the spine.
Kundalini seeks to awaken and balance the growing deep spiritual energy in our body.
Yoga is about poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga poses provide benefits such as strengthening and toning the muscles and relaxing the body and mind. The mental attributes that yoga provides are amazing for people who start a yoga program. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga are powerful.
If you are looking for a change of image for your life, starting a yoga program promises results for your physical and mental well-being without any doubt!
Kundalini Yoga is designed to help eliminate negative feelings, such as stress, jealousy, anger and sorrow. That is why it suits people who are looking for a spiritual style.

At Etosoto, we provide Kundalini Yoga lessons and advice, always delivered with heart. Come to our paradisiacal island, Formentera. The climate is warm and bright throughout the year, nature is wild and preserved. This is the perfect place to release tensions! You will get away from it all and enjoy the white sand beaches in a tropical ocean setting while increasing your yoga skills and knowledge.
Our team of professionals will correct with you the distortions of the body through a natural, simple and non-invasive approach, by encouraging the body to place its centre of gravity in its original place. They will teach you all the techniques that allow the muscles to relax and gradually recover their elasticity. So that, the accumulated toxins are released, the bones and organs gradually return to their place: yoga is a second breath. Practicing it helps you develop your spontaneity and creativity. Unlike other vacations where there are a million things competing for your attention, yoga in Etosoto will allows you to focus only on renewing yourself and your spirit. Your mind will relax in total peace as you engage in deep relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises.

While all yoga is beneficial, our lessons will prevent other distractions from interfering, from which you can get the complete yoga experience. In addition, the teachers there are extremely dedicated to your comfort and health. And unlike your average yoga class, you do not have to go back to your hectic life an hour later. Instead, you can retreat to Formentera paradise for more relaxation and fun. Doing yoga in this relaxed social environment gives you the opportunity to rebuild your defenses and meet other people with similar interests. Etosoto Formentera yoga is a simple luxury.

Usually, when you take a vacation, there are so many things to do and you see that you rarely have the opportunity to relax. Most of your attention is focused on shopping, children and even buying souvenirs for those who are at home. With yoga in Formentera, you will have a vacation dedicated exclusively to you. Imagine how much better you would feel at home and at work after returning from a vacation in paradise!
Learn the basics with our great professional team, and then continue practicing at home.