Naturopathy: the power of the human body

The human body is outstandingly versatile. Even with little or no external assistance, healthy, well-trained humans are capable of doing astonishing things.
At the Olympic Games, for example, gymnasts, high divers, synchronized swimmers, bikers, and others perform amazing feats with a level of agility, artistry, creativity, and grace that leave audiences enthralled. Science acknowledges all the adequately established features our body has. For instance, our upright stance is very energy efficient, for it demands little muscle action to sustain the vertical alignment of our body. In fact, we ‘use only 7% more energy standing than when lying down’ says neuroscience researcher John R. Skoyles. He adds that a dog uses about 70 percent more energy when standing (on all fours) than when lying down. On the other hand, ancient wisdom remarked on the closed (even more, inseparable) relationship between our mind and the body. For example, the Buddha denied the existence of a separate, permanent, or unchanging self but the fact that a human being is an impermanent composite of physical, emotional and cognitive components, and all of them are interdependent. So, when a physical body faces illness or pain, there is a belief in the body’s innate capacity to heal itself by following a system of medicine based on the idea above. This is what naturopathy is about.

As an essential part of our vision, in Etosoto we want to help and accompany anyone in the resolution of problems related to digestion, well-being, fatigue, and stress.
Naturopathy can be defined as a drugless, non-invasive, rational and evidence-based system of medicine supported on some basic principles:
• All disease, their cause, and their treatment are one.
• The primary cause of the disease is not necessarily bacteria, but the accumulation of morbid matter when a favorable atmosphere for their growth develops in the body.
• Naturopathy teaches that acute diseases are our friends. They are nothing but a sample of the self-healing efforts of the body.
• When the wrong treatment is applied there is a suppression of severe illness; chronic diseases show up. • Nature is the most exceptional healer; our body can prevent disease and regain health, if unhealthy.
• The patient is treated, not the disease.
• Naturopathy treats the four aspects of physical, mental, social (moral) and spiritual altogether.
• Naturopathy focuses on the body as a complete organism instead of giving treatment to each organ separately.
• Naturopathy does not use medicines; according to this practice, “food is medicine.”

Nowadays, in our world, we are eating less fresh fruits and vegetables and more sugar, salt, and saturated fat… This together with a decrease in physical activity and other unhealthy habits has resulted in more cardiovascular diseases.
So, which is the best solution for the millions of adults and children worldwide who are overwhelmed by stress and in danger of serious health complications? Is there an efficient remedy?
At Etosoto, we consider naturopathy as the best way of waking the healing power the human body has within for healing itself. This practice along with healthy fasting guaranties regaining a new vitality and the capability of facing daily life.