Slow food: The counterstrike for fast food

How are you about timing? Were you late again for a meeting or errand today? Do you find it easy to clear some time to spend with friends and family sharing a good meal? No doubt, today’s hectic pace of life keeps us so busy that scheduling for daily relaxing is a complete challenge. Not only adults, but also children have many commitments, such as sports and other after-school activities. So, there is no surprise why marketing encourages fast food and quick meals with excellent sales results.

Now, let us consider some factors related to this subject. While we thank the possibility of saving time for an action we find necessary, the system pushes us to a lifestyle of immediate satisfaction. We want something, and we want it now. This is associated with the lack of patience. And a recent study revealed that impatience is linked to obesity. “The researchers found that impatient individuals are more likely to be obese than people who are good at waiting” reports The Washington Post. In some areas, inexpensive, fast food is readily available at all times of the day, and many impatient people cannot resist the temptation.

Of course, there are some other topics to think about. Health problems for example. In some industrialized nations, where the fast-food meal has become a way of life, chicken or fish sandwiches and chicken “nuggets” are popular because many think of them as low-fat alternatives to the traditional hamburger. But such foods are sometimes cooked in oils high in saturated fat. Besides, a fast-food chicken sandwich often contains a large percentage of chicken skin. It is established that chicken skin “may contain as much fat as a pint and a half of ice cream, and a half-dozen chicken ‘nuggets’ has more fat than a hamburger” says the International Herald Tribune, reporting on a study by the Massachusetts Medical Society. Too much fat in the diet is linked to a high incidence of diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and obesity. How, then, can we put ourselves aside from this nonstop highway to problems?

We are glad to let you know about Slow food, a thirty-years-old project aiming to counterstrike the fast food criteria. At Etosoto one of our primary goals is sharing a real philosophy of life from the point of view of taste, flavor and enjoying food which is good for you, good for the ones who produce it, and good for the planet.
Among the many benefits of joining the Slow food movement with us, we can mention:
-Getting you to discover tastes you were not aware of, and at the same time enjoying their nutritive and healing properties.
-Helping you to learn how to cook, not just for surviving, but for the love of taste.
-Reconnecting you with your culture, the peculiarities, and singularities of the food from your region of the world.
-Teaching you on how to contribute to the planet’s sustainable development while you healthily get the produce.
-Reducing the gap between the supermarket vision of freshness and local producers of healthy dairy products, fair food.

All these beautiful lessons are taught by genuinely committed teachers like Alix Lacloche, who will help you get the best from your local food. And that is just one part out of the many experiences you can discover at Etosoto. Check our videos, enjoy our facilities and get related to our creative and innovative vision!