The importance of “fasting” from new technologies: having a break

If someone asked you: “Do you use technology wisely?, What would your answer be? No doubt, electronic devices complement our lives for many daily and essential tasks: employment, social life, and entertainment.

However, many people seem overly “connected” nowadays. For instance, think of a young lady admitting she and her cell phone are best buddies. She makes sure it is close by at all times. And goes crazy if she is in an area with no cell coverage, and after some time, she can not wait to be able to recheck her messages. Would you say this youngster has a problem? Or, would you say this person is you?


There is evidence of people checking a device for messages and updates through the night. According to experts, these may experience withdrawal symptoms when they are separated from their digital companion. This type of behavior is considered addiction alike whether to digital technology in general (but we can classify it in categories like to the Internet or to a particular device, such as a smartphone). If you do not want to call it “addiction” then one has to admit it is problematic, compulsive, or obsessive.

Second Step: “FASTING”

There are “digital detox” centers established in many countries, where, during several days, a person has no access to the Internet and digital devices. Now, after assessing your use of technology you determine that it is time for “fasting” from technology (at least for a while), due to the negative impact, it might have on your life.
Of course, it is not your case becoming unduly agitated, perhaps even temperamental, when you cannot access the Internet or use your electronic device. Neither your use of technology is causing you to neglect your family. You are aware that too much of even a good thing can be harmful. So whether you use digital technology for business or pleasure, you want to take a break.

Where to go

At Etosoto we share a real philosophy of life considering that even though technology is essential for a developing world, there is also the need for “fasting” from new technologies once in a while. This should be done in an environment that helps us relaxing and at the same time, giving us the opportunity for learning and rediscover our nature.
Therefore, it is a pleasure for us to show you the opportunity of enjoying different relaxing activities at our facilities. Check our videos, and get related to our creative and innovative vision.
And yes, new devices make it easier and faster to access and transmit data, the unwise use of technology will no doubt grow. But do not let attraction lead to addiction. By making the best use of available time, anyone can avoid misusing digital technology.