The project of two brothers

Every one of us has dreams, goals we expect to achieve sooner or later. Whether individually or with the help of a partner, we live day by day working hard for that sweet day.
So, it is good when we know about people who have struggled for fulfilling their objectives… Julien and Grégory, founder and owner of Etosoto, share a common passion: sustainable development and energy transition. For them, there are plenty of ways to create a profitable business but without damaging our environment, that’s why Etosoto is one of their mindful project.

What is ETOSOTO?
It is a hotel and a beach residence project with a particular holiday concept. In this complex but exciting time with ‘open sourcing,’ sustainable consumption and a general spirit of freedom and creativity, the two brothers want to make a difference regarding their hotel business.

It is the combination of two words. According to them, on one side ETO: an acronym of Earth To Orbit. With it, they focus on the idea of it being a place outside of regular time as if it were in orbit, and distant from daily life’s restraints. On the other side, SOTO comes from Japanese Zen Buddhist school of thought where ‘practice and waking are the same.’

How does ETOSOTO make a difference?
Taking the above concept into a business, Labrousse brothers look for ‘virtuous growth’ and better consumer habits. By this mean, they want to help people to explore possible solutions for the future or even revisit traditional methods. All these interconnected themes and philosophies lead to a ‘better-being,’ a way of life that includes healthy eating, various sports activities, and a visible set of knowledge and awareness that will help anyone to live and feel much better. Sharing useful knowledge and upbuilding experiences is a life philosophy for these brothers in their concept for ETOSOTO, so the idea of informally learning through alternative methods such as the Montessori system allow for a plus in social teaching that will help anybody in their day-to-day life. What they want is to accompany the traveler in their personal, social and intellectual development within an environment that focuses on the well-being.

Where is ETOSOTO?
The two brothers innovative concept is located in two places:
Etosoto Cabo Espichel, situated on the western coast of Portugal, in the Arrabida Reserve, and 30 min to the south of Lisbon. Work is still in progress! It will include various multi-purpose buildings with several activities -from relaxation rooms to the library, and painting workshops-. Ceramics, photo studio, studio and music room, will also have a place. Toy library, dedicated spaces for the learning of agriculture, or a wooden conference hall immersed in nature, will be as many places of informal learning made available to travelers.
Etosoto Formentera, in the 14 kilometers long island. It is their first idea, a beachfront residence located close to the south of Ibiza, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an organic farm project made up of old fincas that, after two years of renovation and which sits on the water’s edge, gives us an incredibly well-preserved bay, that has undergone particular processes so that its natural beauty can be rediscovered. White for the residence, sand, and the infinite blue of the sea during the day and the starry nights spent at the water’s edge.