An eco-hotel for the next generation

The distinctive feature of Etosoto will be to give pride of place agriculture with a garden where the farming of fruits and vegetables, will serve to feed our own needs. Permaculture will be highlighted for its approach based on three ethical principles that are essential to us: caring for the Earth, taking care of people and sharing resources equitably, taking into account the biodiversity of each ecosystem while minimizing water and energy consumption.

This nature-friendly technique is based on the principle that by positioning each element in a garden as well as possible so that it can interact positively with others, beneficial interactions are created, as in nature where everything is connected. Consequently, each function is fulfilled by several elements and each element fullfils several functions: the waste of one plant becomes useful for another’s growth and production; the leaves of a plant that does not require much sun creates shade for another, etc.

With this new «consciousness», we wish to awaken travelers to an ethic where they become aware of the benefits of an autonomous system that is less dependent on industrial systems of production and distribution.



A living ecosystem