Constructions designed to blend in with nature

To fully respect its environmental commitment, Etosoto’s architectural approach will be to exist in total harmony with the surrounding vegetation. Thus, the buildings will be planted among the vegetation, and the roofs will be partly vegetalized. The various huts, houses and other buildings are of a luxurious standard but without any artifice.

All the constructions will be made of wood and will be built on wooden piles too, allowing preservation of the site during construction. The rooms will be spaced to protect the privacy of guests. All buildings will be largely autonomous regarding energy, powered by a combination of geothermal energy, hydropower and solar energy.

Traffic between the different buildings will be via small footpaths and wooden piers, and at night, lighting will be minimized so as not to distort the beauty and tranquility of the place.

The layout of the buildings is designed so that their occupants can observe changes in the environment throughout the seasons. This alternative architectural approach, usually reserved for a limited and scholarly audience, plays a vital role in the traveler’s experience.



Design serving the nature