Etosoto Cabo Espichel is an eco-hotel and an organic farm project that meets new environmental, heritage and social expectations in offering responsible travel and production in natural environments where people’s resources and well-being are preserved. Beyond a commitment to the sustainable design of the site, we are creating a place where we can benefit from mutual exchanges and energy to promote a culture and a strong commitment to eco-tourism. The usual idea of mass tourism is replaced by a new vision with the objective of sustainability.

Etosoto Cabo Espichel will offer alternative and original accommodation that is discreetly integrated into the landscape, combining nature, comfort, respect for the environment and refinement. To live an experience in harmony with nature in its diversity and abundance, to explore an exceptional site dominated by the ocean where agriculture holds an essential place, to immerse itself in a new way of life which infuses respect and benevolence for this which surrounds us and which makes us want to prolong it every day—this is our ambition.

We invite everyone to come and discover a different and sustainable development, far from the norms and constraints, with a resolutely optimistic view. Etosoto Cabo d’Espichel will be an eco-responsible destination where everything has been designed to minimize the ecological footprint; its aim is to participate in the emergence of new tourist practices and include new modes of agricultural production.

Etosoto Cabo Espichel


An innovative eco-hotel and organic farm project