ETO: for «Earth To Orbit», this stands for the idea of a place where we spend time as if in orbit, away from everything and all constraints, focused on discovery and the cycles of nature. Like the Earth revolving around the Sun, the feeling of well-being and freedom will shine through the prism of natural simplicity in the movements that surround us: the earth, the sun, the water, like a virtuous circle.

SOTO: this is current school of Japanese Zen Buddhist thought where «practice and awakening are one», but it is also a Japanese word meaning «outside». In this context, the outside is essential, since we go outside our homes to spend a holiday opening ourselves to people from everywhere. But the outside also implies the more down-to-earth.

Etosoto has the ambition to develop eco-friendly places for the new, free and creative generations, those of the shared economy and the open source who aim for a meaningful and anti-consumerist world. Etosoto is also an ambitious project of organic farms convinced that the socio-economic rewards of these new forms of agriculture are considerable. The concept will involve thinking about integrating interdisciplinary perspectives and will follow an exploratory approach carried out through interviews with sociologists and a panel of specialists. A dynamic methodology oriented towards creation and challenging the usual practices will develop a creative and innovative «vision».

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