A dynamic of informal experiences

For Etosoto, the sharing of knowledge is a real philosophy of life. A dynamic of intimate experiences is set up to offer a new idea of the journey and enrich yourself personally. Enriching and atypical activities include ways to care for the earth and for people through slow approaches as through the awakening of permaculture, learning a new musical instrument or other creative practices such as making a movie with your children, and the opportunity to participate in events like a kundalini yoga retreat as well as cures like fasting, hiking and discovery of naturopathy.

A collaborative experience

The idea is to support each traveler in the process of personal, relational and intellectual development in an environment conducive to well-being. Many visits are developed to offer rewarding, experiential and varied stays. Increasing the time spent on these meaningful activities reinforces satisfaction with life.

Discover a new and collaborative experience in harmony with nature and one’s own body. Explore an exceptional site dominated by the sea where agriculture plays an essential role. Immerse yourself in a new way of life that instills respect and benevolence for what was here before us and which makes us want to prolong every day. This is the ambition of Etosoto.

At Etosoto, exchange your everyday life for the benefit of the opportunity to live for a time in phase with the real, to learn, discover, taste, initiate and disconnect.

New learning


Leave your everyday life to the benefit of the experience