Formentera the wild island

Formentera is an island out of time with a wild and protected landscape. To the east, “the Mola” is the highest point of the island. A large rocky road surrounded by pine trees leads across a vast desert plain to the lighthouse, overlooking cliffs over 200 meters high. This place has inspired a novel by Jules Verne, Hector Servadac, about a long journey at the end of the Earth…

Around the residence is land bordered by stone walls, bearing olive trees, fig trees, vineyards and fields of wheat. Formentera has remained an island of farmers, while goats and wild pigs are sometimes encountered in the desert areas.

Each part of the residence has its own spirit. From the entrance, a large white patio bathed in light illuminates the first rooms and shows the way to a small garden where an old tree is enthroned, shading some benches. Just there, two open doors lead to the sea, while another shows the way to a vast terrace overlooking an infinite panorama of blue sea, sky and white rocks.

Below the finca, two small houses facing the sea offer an ideal setting to disconnect from the world. The surroundings allow guests to wake up every morning to the sound of the waves and to sleep every night under innumerable stars.

Preserving nature and heritage

Dominated by the sea, the setting of Etosoto Formentera is wild. Residential construction is very rare, as a large part of the island is a world heritage of UNESCO. A few steps away from the residence, between lunar rocks, the creeks invite you to dive into crystalline blue water that lets you see the creeks.

House & Environment


A wild nature between earth and sea