HOPAAL, 100% recycled fashion

Mathieu and Clement created HOPAAL, a trendy French brand that creates clothes which are fully recycled.

The creators wanted to build their own company and cared about the textile field, so, two years ago, they started to think about this project. At the beginning, they were working individually. It was only early this year that they settled in the same city.
The most important criteria for them is style! In addition to being beautiful, though, the garment is recycled. And in addition to being environmentally friendly, this is a solidarity project, since they choose an association that moves them and give it 10% of the company’s profits.

Clément took a textile training course in order to have a solid theoretical foundation and influential contacts, whereas Mathieu studied marketing and communication—two complementary courses!
Clément worked at a clothing firm in India, where he met unexpected and wonderful people, found answers to questions and new ideas. Clément and Mathieu now work with two small companies which are located in this country. They want to do their best, whether on the environmental or the social level. Their cost of production is six or seven times more expensive than the average, but their approach justifies these costs completely. And as they say, “When you pay five euros for a t-shirt, there is a problem…” That’s why these two friends insist on the notion of transparency with their buyers.

On average, their clothes are made of 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles). By mixing these two components, they create a new kind of thread. And for 2018, they would like to use modal fibers, obtained from wood.

Above all, Clément and Mathieu just want to inform people about responsible fashion so that they understand the benefit of going in this direction.


Pictures source: www.hopaal.com