Monsieur Plant : “Think nature”

Christophe Guinet, nicknamed “Monsieur Plant,” is a plant lover making poetic, nature-oriented projects. “Go back to the source; man is nourished spiritually and artistically by nature,” could be his mantra!
Born in Paris and raised between town and country, he has always been a nature lover. He is now living in Marseille.

As a teenager, he developed a passion for plants. He was keen on cultivating orchids because of the beauty and delicacy of their flowers.
Then, he started to care about urban culture, including skating, street art, fashion… At about the same time, Christophe Guinet gathered a team of creative talents to set up the SEIZE project. It was all about graphic design, art, marketing and communication. His work enabled him to realize which kind of world we are living in. Worried by industrialization, and the manipulation and changing of human thoughts, he became more careful about collecting natural materials.
He uses his findings, which are related to places and seasons, to create artwith patience and concentration, a work method that is close to the meditative state.
His artistic process is an integral part of the final work. His compositions show the beauty of nature through ordinary and cult objects.

With his creations Natural Skateboarding or Batman vs Mr. Plant, Christophe Guinet uses bark to depict icons of pop culture and urban trends. With Think Nature, he experiments with vegetal street art. With his Metamorphosis project, created in collaboration with Photospectral and Cecile Anton, he questions the place of man in nature. His latest project, “Just Grow It!”, shows his strong desire to create unlikely and poetic bridges between cult marketing products, emblematic of our time, and the natural world.
His reflections revolve around love, life, death, and the ambiguity of the cycle of life in a society where the subject of death has become extremely taboo. In his works of art there is both love for objects related to urban culture and a dichotomy with the ethical logic in which it exists: in the end, nature, thanks to its strength and beauty, will always triumph over man.

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