Are you planning a summer escape? Etosoto is the best option!

Summer is coming; you can already feel the heat and start daydreaming about relaxing and escaping from the odds of your daily routine. Of course, you have been working hard and expect to invest your vacation budget wisely. And, to be rue, options are endless.
Now, are you thinking of doing something different? You feel attracted to the idea of getting in touch with nature and, at the same time learning some valuable lessons about farming, for example. Maybe, trying fasting, or experiencing the healing power of naturopathy and yoga. Do you want to enjoy the concept of slowfood, while spending a while in a comfortable residence?

Etosoto Formentera
This mindful project opened its doors a short while ago. Visualize the concept of old houses at sea level, in a beautiful and unspoiled bay. After two years of careful renovation and with a landscape that has been reinvented so that the place looks like it was before. Ten rooms are spread across independently on three buildings.

Right behind the main house, there is this organic agriculture project which is just beginning with a promising future. Each part of the residence has its own condition. From the entrance, a large white patio bathed in light illuminates the first rooms and opens the way to a small garden where you find an old tree imposingly stands to shadow the benches. Across, two open doors lead to the sea while another shows the way to a large terrace overlooked by a view of the blue sea, of the sky and white rocks.

Some more solitude
Below the Finca, two small houses facing the sea provide an ideal setting to cut off with the world. Wake up every morning to the sound of the waves and fall asleep every night under countless stars. The residence hugs the coastline and white rocks, with living and dining areas at the first floor of the Finca and the suites and rooms on the upper level to capture a breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding nature.

Our interior
All the interior design is simplified to give way to the beauty of the outdoor nature. White walls and wood on which light can be reflected. All the furniture has been carefully selected to blend naturally into the spaces of the original Finca while providing all the comforts of a modern home.

At Etosoto our primary goals aim to share a real philosophy of life from the point of relearning to observe nature and working as a family to preserve it is paramount today. So, consider the option of renting the entire house during the summer, in July and August.

At these experiences are just waiting for you and your family to discover them at Etosoto. Check our videos, enjoy our facilities and get related to our creative and innovative vision.